Brigitte Fitzgerald is a wonderful character from the Ginger Snaps Trilogy. She also happens to be my favorite. When she’s first introduced she comes off as being very weak, but that’s really not the case. Brigitte was very loyal to her sister Ginger and loved her deeply. In the first film, it was so upsetting seeing how hurt she was in the process of saving her sister from a disastrous fate. And in the second, having to see her betrayed and now forced to live a life she almost killed herself to avoid, was absolutely devastating. I think in many ways she was a lot stronger than Ginger. She was very smart, and could stick up for herself when it really came down to it. Also, no matter how strong temptation was, she never gave into it. Her loyalty to her sister never died, even if Ginger might have thought so. She was that one character that I really felt for. She went through so much trauma and hurt in her life. She lost every person she ever felt some kind of legitimate bond with. She never really got to live for herself. Her life was destined to be a tragedy. But overall she is an amazing character who definitely deserves some recognition!


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