Influential: The Children of the Corn series Fanlisting
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Children of the Corn series

Please note: This section does contain spoilers!

There are seven movies in the Children of the Corn series:

1. Children of the Corn
2. Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
3. Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest
4. Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering
5. Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror
6. Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return
7. Children of the Corn: Revelation

Some of them also are know by different names. For example the second one is also known as, Children of the Corn: Deadly Harvest.

I have been a fan of the series for as long as I can remember. Every time I went to the video section as a little kid I would always go to the movie section just to look at the covers. I was in love with the series then. Itís an obsession, but itís a pretty healthy one. :) It Ďs kind of strange but Iíve always had a thing for the films. A lot of people think theyíre "corny" but the Films all have some pretty deep meanings, they are all well thought out. It always amazes me watching them. Itís frightening, but the words that are said do have a lot of truth in them. The movies mean a lot to me. I have always enjoyed them and I just think they are amazing. They are original and deep. They may not be the most visually scary at times, but the thought of children revolting and killing their parents under the influence of another child and an unforeseen god is pretty frightening to me. I feel this sort of connection with the films, I really appreciate the message and just how powerful and influential one child/an unseen force can be. They really make me think. There was a lot of thought into the movies. They arenít as simple and pointless as some people see them to be. Itís kind of hard to explain how much I love them in words. Itís just, really amazing, and the films leave me shocked each time I watch them.

Some general information:

He Who Walks Behind the Rows is the devil, and he basically "walks" behind the rows of corn, which is why they say that. The children are considered innocents, but become tainted in the adult world. The children are known as the eyes and the ears of the world, which is why corn was such a good thing to use. It also has eyes and ears, and of course rows when grown in the fields. The corn is grown with a soil of blood basically. The children get rid of the Outlanders/Adults/Unbelievers, or anyone that tries to destroy what they have. They will do whatever necessary to sacrifice them and give their blood for the corn and their lord. At their nineteenth birthday they give themselves to the lord since they have now entered the age of sin. (Some of the movies said 18th birthday, but the original film was 19.)

Here are small summaries of each of them:

First film: The first one shows how it all got started. It showed the children killing their parents under the guidance of Isaac, the child preacher. He had told them how He Who Walks Behind the Rows, came to him in a dream and showed him everything. He influenced all of the children, except for three of them, to kill their parents and all the adults in town. Two of those children were not killed because one of them - Sarah, had the gift of foresight. This was very valuable as it showed many things that were going to happen. This was a very powerful tool to Isaac. Iím assuming he didnít kill Job because he was Sarahís brother. They were rule breakers according to the laws set by Isaac/their god, but he let them slide with that, and that made Malachai very mad. Joseph on the other hand was not so lucky. He tried to run away but was caught and killed by Malachai, who could be thought of as Isaacís hit man. Two Outlanders, Burt and Vicky came, and the children tried to kill them. They tied Vicky to a cross and tried to sacrifice her but in the end they escaped. Isaac was killed by Malachai. He was put on a cross and sacrificed to He Who Walks Behind the Rows. They revolted against him. Isaac was brought back from the dead and killed Malachai saying to him that their lord wanted him too.

Second film: This was sort of the continuation of the first one. A reporter named John comes to town with his son Danny. They donít get on too well, which is why at a point Danny is susceptible to Micahís preaching. Danny and his father end up staying at the same place where Micah is being fostered. This movie has all the bodies of the adults being discovered all over the place in Gatlin, the town this happened in. Hemmingford, a town pretty close to Gatlin started fostering the children. This time Micah was the leader. Unlike Isaac, he was possessed by "him". Micah was trying to unite the children of Hemmingford with the children of Gatlin. They tried continuing what they started and getting rid of all the adults and unbelievers. This movie showed more of how it started and how the adults have made the land impure. There was quite a lot of sinning going on and a lot of the adults were definitely impure. There were a lot of creative deaths. Micah didnít make them as obvious. He didnít outright kill people. He used his powers of voodoo and such. The plan was a good one. He was able to get most all the adults in one building while they were at the town meeting, then the children struck. It was too late to stop anything now. Two older ladies tried to tell everyone, warn them about the children but no one listened.

Third movie: This is also somewhat related to the original story. Two children from Gatlin named Eli and Joshua had to be fostered by a family in Chicago - The Porters, because of the death of Joshuaís father. (Eli is Joshuaís adopted brother) Eli had made him a human scare crow with unseen powers. He used his bible and the corn to do this. So from the beginning it was apparent Eli wasnít a normal boy. It was later discovered Eli was actually from the original group of children that murdered their parents. Which was strange because he was still the same age as he was and that happened many years ago. It turns out Eli isnít exactly human. Eli had eventually brainwashed all the children except for Joshua, and Joshuaís friend Malcom. At first he preached while in church, but told a different story, a story about his lord, what really happened. Then he had put the demonic corn in their food. A few people could see what he really was, and that he wasnít to be trusted. His foster mother Amanda was one of these people, as was the priest. The priest had dreams of what had happened all those years ago. Eli showed him them in the dreams and he eventually showed the priest what he had done himself. Eli was driving him mad. It appears He Who Walks Behind the Rows is in him, since he turns into a monster type thing after Joshua attempts to destroy him and his bible at the same time. Joshua discovered he was like a worm, and both sides (him and his body) had to be destroyed. Eliís foster father was in a corn business and Eli had shown him the corn and in the end it showed the corn being shipped all over the world, to the children as well. That was a good plan.

Fourth movie: This one wasnít as related to He Who Walks Behind the Rows. This dealt with a boy named Josiah who was an amazing child preacher while he was alive. He was abused, starved and fed quick silver, and was not allowed to sleep so he would look as young as possible. If he didnít look young no one would pay and see him because he would just be a normal preacher. Eventually he rebelled and killed them all. The townspeople found out and burned him alive in the cornfields. His body was dumped in a well. His task was to get all the children to follow him and kill the adults. He was very influential. He had such strong powers and was able to do things without even seeing or talking to the children. The children became very sick and became very feverish. He changed them to his side relatively easily. He had to find a like child, a child that was just as neglected, and lied to as he was. This child was to give her life and in change it would bring him back to life. He was very determined to get his life back, and seek his revenge.

Fifth movie: The leader of the children in this movie was named Ezeekial. Like Micah, he was also possessed by He Who Walks Behind the Rows while in the cornfields. This movie had more of a "cult" feel too it. The children seemed brainwashed but in a different way. These children were the ones that had nowhere to go, they acted like they were being saved from an unholy life. It starts out with two older teens/adults who are slaughtered by Ezeekialís sort-of hit man. Four older teenagers/adults then come into town to meet the other two not knowing they were killed. One of their other friends had died so thatĎs why they were getting together. One girl named Allison ends of finding her brother that she hadnít seen in a long time there. He had always mentioned He Who Walks Behind the Rows so when she heard one guy talking about something like that in a bar she was reminded of that instantly. He was nearing his 18th birthday and would soon have to sacrifice himself to the lord since he was now going to be entering the age of sin, he really didnĎt want to be there anymore and was secretly trying to tell his sister that. It was a bit difficult because Ezeekial was very powerful and could easily get rid of him. The technical leader of this group is a adult named Luke Enright, but in all reality he had been dead for years. Ezeekial was able to keep the body and use his powers to make him seem like a functional human being. He kept him so the officials would not be suspicious of a bunch of children living on a farm by themselves.

Sixth movie: In this one Isaac returns. It turns out he had been in a coma all of these years. He now has a son and the remaining children are now adults, and they have children of their own as well. One of the original children, Rachel has a daughter named Hanna, but disassociated herself from Hanna and pretended like her baby had died. Hanna went to find out about her mother one day unknowingly starting, and eventually fulfilling a prophecy that was made years ago. The first born son and daughter were to give birth to a child who would start a new generation of the children of the corn. Isaac plays second banana this time around. Gabriel is the real leader and could do big damage with relative ease. This is because he is actually He Who Walks Behind the Rows. He hinted that to Isaac in the beginning but Isaac paid no attention. Isaac wanted the prophecy for his own son, Matt. Even though the prophecy was Gabrielís and not Mattís. Hanna was the first born daughter and her coming to Gatlin was making it come true. Gabriel tricked her into everything. He seemed innocent enough, and not like the others. This was Gabrielís plan the whole time, though unknown to everyone else. Isaac was scaring her enough to where Gabriel had his chance. Rachel attempts to kill him in the end, but it appears that he never died. He had ended up fulfilling the prophecy and planting the seed into Hanna.

Seventh movie: This one has the "original" children back from the dead. Supposedly they were around before Isaac and his group was. Abel was the leader and he definitely appeared to have been possessed. The main character Jamie came to town because her grandmother was no longer returning phone calls. They talked a lot and all of a sudden she seemed to have vanished. She was never a religious person, a lifetime Atheist according to Jamie, but by her bed Jamie found the Holy Bible. This was a big shock to her and she knew something was up. Abel eventually shows himself. Jamie was brought there because she was meant to be dead. Her grandmother was a member of the cult of children. The rest of the children burned themselves alive in a tent rather than allow the townspeople to take them. Her grandmother had fled the tent. Abel says Jamie should really be dead because her grandmotherís place was in that tent sacrificing herself for He Who Walks Behind the Rows. Jamie, nor Jamieís parents should have ever been alive. Her grandmother was taken by the rest of the children because it was her rightful place, it was "His" will. Her grandmother seems to be one of the children taunting Jamie. She told Jamie that she tried to warn her, but it was now too late.