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Vincent Crabbe

Vincent Crabbe is a guy of few words. He is a Pure-blooded, Slytherin student. He made the Slytherin House Quidditch team in 1995. He plays the position of Beater. A Beater’s job is to basically protect the Seeker, (Draco) by hitting the bludgers at the opposing team. The Slytherin team is known for favoring brawn over skill. Crabbe is a big guy, so Crabbe seems to be perfect for the Slytherin team standards. Vincent was also a member of The Inquisitorial Squad, founded by Dolores Umbridge in their fifth year. I find it interesting how Vincent Crabbe is a big guy, has threatening looks, is obviously strong, but still does everything Draco tells him to do. This reminds me of how Lucius Malfoy and Crabbe’s dad probably are.

He’s sort of a body guard to Draco. His job is to scare off other people while Draco throws out the insults and such. He’s not quite as dense as Goyle is. Draco seems to think better of him than he does Goyle. Draco picks Crabbe to be second in a wizards' duel, so that must mean something. He may not be the brightest wand in the bunch, but at least Crabbe doesn’t need someone to hide behind. I think there’s more to Crabbe than meets the eye, maybe he has yet to reach his full potential. Maybe Draco is holding him back? I’m hoping to see a bit more of Crabbe in the future books. Seeing as how his father is a Death Eater and all, there has to be something to come. I hope so!

Vincent Crabbe is thickset and mean. He has a pudding-bowl haircut and long gorilla-like arms. Crabbe is also the tallest of the Slytherin trio (Draco, Gregory, Vincent) He has a deep grunt voice, flat nose, and holds his arms sort of stiffly.

He beat up Neville in his first year. When Hermione made the polyjuice potion in their second year, Ron had to turn into Crabbe. The Polyjuice Potion to turn someone into Crabbe was a deep, murky brown. He along with Goyle, Malfoy, and Flint impersonated Dementors hoping to scare Harry during a Quidditch match in his third year. And in his fifth year, during his first match as a Beater for Slytherin, Crabbe set a new low in unsportsmanlike conduct by hitting a Bludger into the small of Harry's back just as he caught the snitch, and after the whistle had already been blown to end the game.


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