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Durmstrang Institute

Name: Durmstrang Institute
Headmaster: Formerly Igor Karkaroff
Location: The location is unplottable. A castle in northern Europe (possibly Scandinavia). It’s so far north that the days are very short in winter.
Uniforms: Shaggy matted furs, Blood-red robes.
About the school: The Durmstrang Castle is not as big as Hogwarts. It only has four floors. Its fires are only lit for magical purposes. The grounds are quite extensive and include lakes and mountains. Durmstrang has the reputation of teaching Dark Arts and not just the defense again the Dark Arts. It does not admit Muggle-born students. It has existed at least 700 years ago, as that was when they began participating in the Triwizard Tournament.
Name Meaning: "Durmstrang" is a play off the German phrase "Strang und Durm," which means "storm and stress."

This is one of the many other schools for Magical Learning. Before Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire we really didn’t know much about the other schools. Durmstrang Institute really caught my attention and I very much want to learn more about it and see more of it in the Harry Potter books.

This school appeals more to me than Hogwarts for a variety of reasons. I really like the strictness/seriousness of the school and it’s teachings, and I like the fact that they teach the Dark Arts there and not just the defense against them. In all honestly how are you supposed to fight something you‘ve never faced before? It actually does make sense to learn both. Though I am sure learning the Dark Arts at that school is probably not to practice fighting against them. Like I said the school is very strict. I picture that the students were trained very hard, and in the Trwizard tournament Igor was determine for his school to come out on top. Their uniforms also sound very snazzy as well. They’re a bit more down to earth than the Beauxbatons. They know how to dress appropriately for the cold weather for one, and not just for show. They were also much more accepting of their new environment when they were brought to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Championship. They were curious and impressed while the Beauxbatons were snooty and unappreciative.

If I could choose which school to go to, I’d want to got to Durmstrang. It seems different to me and very intriguing. Lucius was considering sending Draco there but Narcissa didn’t want him going to a school so far away. It seems like a place Death Eaters/Voldemort supporters may send their kids. The students and Igor’s reaction at seeing Harry Potter was of curiousness and surprise. That isn‘t uncommon, but coming from a school that is all about the Dark Arts and connections to Voldemort I figure what they have been told about Harry is quite the opposite of what others have been. It’s a shame that the interaction between them was cut short by “Moody”. I’m sure not all of them are “bad”. Viktor was judged but pretty much proved himself not to fall under that the Durmstrang stereotype, especially since he took Hermione Granger to the Yule Ball, when she is in fact and Muggle-born herself. In the Harry Potter books people from certain groups are automatically judged as being the same, which isn’t the case. Sirius is from the Black family, yet he wasn’t like most of his other family members.

Having ratted out his fellow Death Eaters for self gain, Karkaroff fled after Lord Voldemort rose again. In Half-Blood Prince we find out Karkaroff was indeed killed by the Death Eaters. It is not known who took over Durmstrang or whether the school's reputation improved or worsened because of this.

I would really love to actually get to "see" the school in the books, I think it would be a nice change of pace from Hogwarts. I’d really enjoy getting a more in-depth view of the school. I do think there is more to come. I can imagine them appearing once more when the war really gets going, perhaps many of them will be fighting as Death Eaters, that seems quite possible. For I have always felt that they were being trained to become Death Eaters one day or at least they were being trained like Death Eaters. Voldemort and Hitler have a lot things in common. I feel these students are JK’s version of the Hitler Youth, and that Durmstrang Institute was a training ground for them. They were trained very hard, and are shown no kindness (unless they were strong and successful like Krum). Igor favors Krum very much so. I guess you could say he was the pride of Durmstrang. So yeah, my thoughts are they are trained extremely hard, rewarded if they come out on top, punished and made a fool of if they fail. Then perhaps one day they would become Death Eaters, which seems to be JK’s version of Nazis. She mentioned quite a lot about them and definitely left me curious. :)


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