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The students go to a school called Durmstrang Institute. It's a school of magical learning like Hogwarts is but it is also very different.

There are many differences between the two schools and their students, but there are also similarities between the Durmstrang students and the Hogwarts students. Not everyone is who they seem to be, and you can't really group everyone by their particular stereotype. I really enjoyed Goblet of Fire because JK Rowling gave us a look at the world outside Hogwarts. It was revealed the Triwizard Tournament would be happening this year, and at Hogwarts. The Durmstrang students arrived at the Hogwarts at around 6 pm on Friday, October 30th, by a submerged ship. They made a pretty big entrance, they were second to arrive out of the two foreign schools. When Harry first saw them he noticed they all appeared to be built like Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle but this was because they were wearing some kind of "shaggy matted fur". By the sounds of it, their uniforms, Furs and blood red-robes, sound really awesome as well.

Draco said himself he wanted to go there but his mom wouldn't let him. Durmstrang has a reputation for actually teaching the Dark Arts, and not just the defense against them. The dark arts in the Harry Potter series is a big interest of mine which is one reason I would like to see a bit more of their world and really get to know these students. Their lives sound very different from those from Hogwarts. For example, Igor Karkaroff, a former Death Eater, was the headmaster of the school and I assume that‘s not exactly a common thing. Viktor Krum is probably one of the most well known students. He sort of goes against their reputation, since he dated Muggle-born Hermione Granger and his school doesn't even admit Muggle-born students.

I am very fascinated by the school and its students. I really hope to hear more about them. I'm pretty much a buff for the "baddies" and these students caught my attention. It was cool seeing a different perspective for a change. I very much believe that the story of Harry Potter was explained very differently to many of them than it is in many other parts of the Wizarding community. This makes me all the more curious to see what these students lives are like on their own turf.

When getting settled in the Great Hall the Durmstrang students chose to sit at the Slytherin table. Slytherins are kind of like the Durmstrangs match, they're similar since many Slytherin students are the same way with the Dark Arts. Many of the Slytherins parents are Death Eaters and/or Voldemort supporters and I am assuming the same could be said with the Durmstrangs.

The students also seemed quite impressed with what they were seeing. They were interested in the starry black ceiling, and some were examining their golden plates and goblets in an impressed manner. The Beauxbatons on the other hand weren't very happy, they kind of appeared to be more "ritzy/high-maintenance". Durmstrang students seemed to be more "real" in a sense and not as picky. Viktor Krum was chosen to be the Triwizard champion for Durmstrang school. Though all the students entered, basically as soon as they could. They were in it to win it. Overall I really enjoy reading about them. I am very much drawn to these characters and everything to do with them. Hopefully they'll appear in the books again.

As the Dark Mark grew clearer and clearer during the course of the year, Igor grew very desperate and fearful, for he knew they would not be pleased. He ratted out his fellow Death Eaters to the Ministry so he could be spared a life sentence in Azkaban. In the end the students had to get home on their own since Igor fled out of fear since Voldemort had risen once more. That really did not present a problem since he had done nothing to steer the ship to Hogwarts. He rested in his cabin while the students did all of the work. The students are resourceful and know how to hold their own. It sounds like they were very disciplined. In Half-Blood Prince it was revealed that Karkaroff has been found dead in a shack with the Dark Mark hovering over it, indicating he was killed by Death Eaters.


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