Why Kane?

When this Fanlisting came up for adoption I think my heart skipped a few beats. Kane is by far my favorite wrestler ever. He was the first one I was really drawn to when I first got into wrestling many years ago. He can always grab my attention. Whenever he's on, I just can't look away. I never grow tired of watching him. He's just great at what he does. His strength and fierceness are amazing. He has this ability to really keep the audience on its feet. He is like a volcano, you never know when he'll erupt. When masked, he was one to be feared, when unmasked, he was one to be feared. It doesn't matter. Kane is Kane. And Kane is a force to be reckoned with no matter what. I can't really explain why I like him, I am just simply drawn to him. He has something about him that just hooks me in each and every time. He's a phenomenal wrestler who just seriously rocks and what he does.

Big Red Machine?

I got the name from one of Kane's nicknames which is, 'The Big Red Machine'


None yet.


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