In case youíve eaten one too many noodles, this Fanlisting is for Kya. You may know her from ...a lot of domains. I'll just link to her collective, which you can find, here. Ah yes, the first thing you should know about Kya is she gets things in bulk. Domains are not an exception.

The way we met was sort of strange. A while back in January I was approved for the Vincent Crabbe fanlisting. Then a while later I saw that the Gregory Goyle Fanlisting had been removed and then was eventually back on upcoming. I thought to myself: Crabbe needs to affiliate with Goyle (as they are best friends in the Harry Potter series). When it was finished I went and joined, but hadnít asked for affiliation at that point. Sometime later I get a comment at my site from a girl called Kya, and I quote: "Thank yeeee for joining the Goyle fanlisting!!" I had never gotten a comment from someone thanking me for a joining their fanlisting before.

We hadnít started talking at that point. I ended up deciding to get Instant Messengers all of a sudden a while later (which is weird as I hadnĎt chatted for years). Kya had seen them and IMEd me. I remember asking her if she owned the Gregory Goyle and Cornelius Fudge Fanlistings. That was when we first affiliated them.

Skip ahead to the future.. We have talked about our meeting a few times. She had seen my site after I joined her Goyle fanlisting but she hadnít remembered leaving that comment. She said she had gotten my site url through a friend, so technically she discovered it twice. After I showed her that comment she said how she had never commented on someoneís site thanking them for joining one of her Fanlistings before.

We have said countless times that our meeting was meant to be. I canít even explain to you what this friendship means to me. We have been good for each other in so many ways. I think just knowing each other has made us both stronger. She is an absolutely incredible person. Her loyalty and friendship never waver. Sheís hilarious, kind, thoughtful, entertaining, and so much more. She is also extremely talented in many of ways. Her websites are amazing. She is very dedicated and can create amazing works of arts. She also runs a Harry Potter RPG. She eventually convinced me to try it out and I am so glad she did! She is an incredible writer as well. She is able to create so many characters and bring to life the already existing ones in her writing. I sometimes question if itís actually Kya that I am speaking with.

Our friendship took off pretty quickly. It felt and continues to feel as if we had known each other forever. We talk every day, which often requires some sacrifice as our time zones have a 10 hour difference. We are able to have conversations that no one else can understand. Itís sort of like a twin thing. Twins are said to be telepathic, and I feel as if our friendship is so close that we are able to sense things about the other. We are often found thinking the same things, itís very strange. We have made up so many different words, phrases, and invented different meanings for already existing words. We really should write a dictionary some day.

We are a lot like but we do have our differences. I found her views about things to be quite similar to my own and it surprised me at first but itís very cool. Her dad and my dad are also both Volunteer Firefighters. I sent her dad a Firepatch as he collects them. :) There is one person I am incredibly close to, and that is my dad. That at is until Kya came along, now there are two. We have since became pen pals. We write each other and also chat over the phone. And hopefully some day we will meet in person.