Passionate: A Tom Cruise Fanlisting

Tom has been my favorite actor since pretty much forever. He was the first actor I really loved. I'm not even really sure what age I was when I first got into him.. I was really young. I didn't know of how popular he was, I just liked him. And to this day he is still my favorite actor. Any time I see him, I'll stop what I'm doing and listen or watch. He just amazes me to put it simple. I simply adore him. I believe him to be a phenomenal actor who puts so much into each and every one of his performances. He always grasps my attention, and if I see him in something it's a guarantee I'm going to watch it, and love it.

Now a days it seems a lot of people will make comments about how someone can like him. I do understand that people have their own opinions, and while Tom is an actor, that is not all he is. Tom has the right to have opinions of his own, and beliefs of his own just like anyone else. I do happen to agree with a lot of what he says, unlike many other people. But even if I didn't I would still love and respect him as an actor. That was what I first loved him for, his acting. But I do also like the person he is as well. He is a passionate, hard-working, genuine guy. No matter what, not everyone is going to like everyone. People are entitled to their own opinions and just because Tom has his does not make him any less of an actor. He works so incredibly hard preparing for roles. He is so dedicated to what he does and by watching him I see that. I personally do not care how others view Tom because I have been, still am, and will always remain a fan of his.


Well, I think this word describes Tom well. Every time I see him, watch him, listen to him, I see his passion.

Credits - For being such an awesome network. For the script I use to run the Fanlisting. For the script I use to sort the icons and codes.
And last, but definitely not least, to Tom. Because without Tom, this Fanlisting might not have been able to exist. ;)


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