Wand Statistics

Wood: Yew
Size: Thirteen and a half inches long
Core: Feather of a phoenix


Frank Bryce, James Potter, Lily Potter, Bertha Jorkins, Cedric Diggory. The following were all killed by Riddle using Morfin's wand. Morfin admitted to it because of Riddle modifying his memory (possibly with his wand, which is why I mentioned it here). They are: Tom Riddle senior, Mrs. Riddle, and Mr. Riddle. The same could be said of Hebzibah Smith. Tom modified her house elf Hokey's memory and Hokey confessed to killing Hebzibah.

More in-Depth

I love Lord Voldemort's Wand because it has such a significance in the Harry Potter series. It has caused much destruction and has literally ripped families apart. It has helped enable Voldemort to gain the fear of his enemies to the point where many of them will not even mention his name. It has gained respect and followers. It has helped him with achieving his goal of immortality, and it has given him the ability to do so many more great and powerful things. I feel this wand holds such importance because it has such a history but at the same time it holds a world mystery.

As we know, Lord Voldemort attempted to kill Harry Potter with the Avada Kedavra curse, but it had rebounded ripping him from his body. We now know from Half-Blood Prince the reason he did not die, the Horcruxes. No one had survived the killing curse before this which is why so many thought Harry was so special. There's really no way around it, unless of course you‘ve done what Lord Voldemort has. Even Lord Voldemort did not know at first how Harry survived. Lord Voldemort is my favorite character of the Harry Potter series and naturally I’d love to learn more about him.

Lord Voldemort’s wand has been used for so many things. I’m also sure it has been used in very serious and important ways that we have not seen. Such as some of the things he may have done and still continues to do to achieve immortality. We have seen it used to kill many times, and in Goblet of Fire witnessed some of his victims shoot out of the wand because of Priori Incantatem. This will happen if the Harry‘s wand and Voldemort‘s wand are used against each other. This is because Harry Potter’s wand is considered the brother wand of Lord Voldemort’s wand because Albus Dumbledore’s Phoenix, Fawkes, gave two feathers. One that resides in Harry’s wand and one that resides in Voldemort’s wand. A wand can tell a lot about a wizard personality wise. The wand chooses the wizard as it is stated in the books and that alone is saying something. I find it mysterious that his wand happens to have the core of a phoenix, the creature that is reborn from the ashes. It is basically immortal, which is exactly what Voldemort wants to achieve. The wood also signifies this. Yew is associated with immortality and it also gives poisonous sap, which is also very appropriate.

He has done so many great things with it. He’s a very knowledgeable and powerful wizard and a wand has had a lot to do with him gaining power and followers. Using it also helps him gain information from others and “influence” them to give him what he needs, whether it be by controlling their minds or physically threatening them. He is able to do so many things with a wand that other Wizards can’t even fathom. It is safe for me to say that his wand is one of the most powerful, experienced wands in the books, if not the most. In my opinion it is definitely the most interesting.