Why the title?

The name came form the Fantastic Beasts & Where to find them book. In there, they mentioned the book Hairy Snout, Human Heart which talked about an anonymous author's battle with Lycanthropy.

Why Werewolves?

I really love the Werewolves of Harry Potter and am really looking forward to their part in the war in the 7th book. We don't know too much about them sadly, so I am really hoping to see more of them in the last book at least. When Fenrir Greyback was introduced he instantly became one of my most favorite characters of the entire series. I loved his character and the fact that he was a Werewolf made it all the more better since I had always had an interest in them even when JK Rowling hadn’t given too much information about them.

Werewolves have it tough because even the ones who try to fit in with the normal wizards are often feared and ostracized. And many Werewolves, namely Fenrir, condemn trying to live like the normal wizards and for Werewolves that have tried it they don’t fit in so well with other werewolves who think like Fenrir does. They are both man and beast and that makes it very difficult. For some like Remus who want to fit with the normal wizards and who are ashamed of what they are, living is even harder. Fenrir, on the other hand, embraces what he is to the extreme. He even looks and feeds like a Werewolf even when it is not the full moon. Many of them are following Fenrir because they feel they will have a better life, and I can see why they think that way. They have no reason to side with the ones who have given them no reason to. On the other hand, Werewolves like Fenrir make the ones who fear Werewolves have a good reason to. It’s a very complex issue and it intrigues me.

It seems to all boil down to fear. Some werewolves want to live a normal life but they are feared so they cannot. Others probably have attempted to, but they were not permitted a normal life so they rebelled, and others have been created and brainwashed into hating the normal wizards since they were children. Maybe even Fenrir wanted to fit in at one point. He does seem to hold a serious grudge. Now, what Fenrir does is wrong but I think why he does it and how he does it can be respected. I admire his strength, his intelligence, and his ability to persuade. Remus is also a very intelligent man, but it might be too late to persuade Werewolves into siding with people who have treated them like beasts for so long. In the ‘Fantastic Beats and where to Find them’ book, the Ministry of Magic classifies Werewolves as xxxxx (Known wizard killer / impossible to train or domesticate.)

I can see three sides of that. The public has the right to be warned of the danger Werewolves present. And they are very dangerous when in their wolf form, that’s true, but there are ways to prevent them from posing a threat. Perhaps more would practice those ways if they thought they’d have a chance at living a normal life, but since they've never given a reason to believe that, why not start embracing who they are? Why not fight for who they are? Then there’s the side of the Werewolves who just want to live normal lives. That classification will not help them at all. They will be even more feared and looked at as a beast rather than a person who happens to change form once a month. Remus is one who does, and he does all he can to prevent changing into his wolf form, but still he has never, ever been fully treated the way the normal wizards are. Then there are the Werewolves who have embraced what they are. Maybe this will make them more angry, or maybe it excites them being feared, Fenrir is said to be perhaps the most feared of all Werewolves, and he is obviously extremely influential or he wouldn’t have won over most of the Werewolves. He probably drills things into their heads about all the normal wizards have put them through, how taking them over is a better option than trying to fit in with them, as they’ll never be accepted or treated equally anyway. He probably influences them to embrace who they are. He probably also punishes any weaknesses, which would make them fear not following what he preaches.

The Werewolves just seriously grab my interest. It’s a very hard to sum up what they’re all about, because there is so much to these characters. I can ponder about them for a long time because they are so amazingly complex and interesting. And that is pretty much why I decided to apply for this Fanlisting. :)


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