Hello, and welcome to Lycanthropes, the fanlisting for Werewolves. This fanlisting was originally owned by Setsu, who, to much of my pleasure, allowed me to adopt it from her on January 18th, 2007. This fanlisting is listed at tfl.org, and can be found under the Mythology/Religion Category.


owner: Nicole
contact: nickikins[@]gmail.com
part of: tfl.org and bedeviled.net
last updated: 10th June 2019
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Manual Updates

January 27th, 2007: The Fanlisting is now up and ready to go. Also, right now I am currently working on icons and the "Werewolf information" pages. I don't think I'll ever call this fanlisting "finished" because I plan to add new things here and there. At the moment I have made quite a few icons (can be found under “extras”) from some of my owned Werewolf movies and from other pictures. I have quite a few films that fall under the Werewolf genre so it could take a while until I have made icons from all of them. Well, I think that's about it. Thank you Setsu for allowing me to adopt this fanlisting from you!